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Alarm Monitoring Solutions

Having a home security system installed is just the first half of a secured home. When your alarm goes off, the security system sends out a signal to our monitoring station, which in turn, contacts you and the authorities. Without a home security monitoring service, an alarm that is tripped never contacts the police. US Electronicsfirmly believes that having a monitored home security system is the best solution for keeping your home and family safe. And we are proud to offer a variety of monitoring solutions to fit your home, lifestyle, and budget.


Lightning Fast Protection With Interactive Broadband Monitoring

With HomePulse Broadband Monitoring, anytime the alarm is triggered, your security system sends the signal through your broadband internet connection. HomePulse Broadband Monitoring Service provides your security system with a much faster connection to the monitoring facility and is capable of notifying us of a problem at least four times faster than a landline connection. The presence of a broadband Internet connection and an available port from a router or modem is necessary.


Landline Monitoring Connection

When choosing a landline connection, your GE control panel uses your standard landline telephone connection to communicate with our monitoring facility. This is the standard connection for most security systems. Anytime the security system is triggered, the command station sends a signal through the landline phone to our monitoring facility and notifies us about a problem in your home. Depending on the nature of the problem, our monitoring facility will respond to your alarm and dispatch the emergency authorities to your home if necessary.


Benefits to a Landline Solution

landline-telephoneWith Protect America, its all about choice and what fits your home. With all of our monitoring solutions, you get the GE Simon XT control panel. This means top of the line security that connects up to 40 zones or sensors to help secure your home. Using landline monitoring requires no extra set up and simply connects right into your current home telephone line. This is perfect for homes that are in cell dead-zones or lack high speed internet. It is also the cheapest monitoring solution available with our Copper Packagestarting at $29.99.


No Phone, No Problem with Cellular Monitoring.

With our Cellular Monitoring Solution, you receive true flexibility for your home security monitoring service. There is no need for any type of landline home phone or internet connection. And since it is a cellular connection, the alarm system doesn't require any extra wires to work. Simply plug the command station into a power outlet and everything else is completely wireless. This service is not available in all areas and requires adequate cellular phone coverage in your area.


The Interactive Cellular Advantage

  • No landline phone or internet required.
  • All communication is via cellular towers, which means no extra wires to the alarm system.
  • Can also be used in conjunction with a landline as a back-up connection.
  • Access to—anytime, anywhere alarm management. Call today for details!

Cellular Connection.
No Cut Phone Line.

With Interactive Cellular Monitoring, your home security system works just like a cell phone. If the alarm goes off, authorities are notified without the need of a landline. This eliminates the opportunity for thieves to bypass your protection by simply cutting the wires that lead to your home.


There's A Free App For That.

With Protect America's broadband and cellular monitoring you have free direct access to your security system anytime through our interactive monitoring. This includes our mobile app, where you can arm or disarm your system, see which windows or doors are currently open, and access a complete history of your systems events.

This feature also offers real-time notifications to your mobile phone. This means your system will notify you when your children have come home from school, the housekeeper arrives (and what time the housekeeper left!), and if your medicine cabinet, liquor cabinet, or garage door has been opened (for this monitors will need to be placed on the cabinet and garage doo






No Phone Line?
No Problem.

These days, many people are giving up their home phone in place of a cell phone. But with most alarm systems, giving up your phone means giving up your protection - as they usually require a phone line to dial out to their monitoring station. We say, ditch the phone line and switch to cellular. Cellular monitoring means your alarm system will work just like a cell phone - wirelessly contacting our monitoring station during any sign of trouble.




How to Pick the Right Monitoring

In the past, the only option for monitoring a home security system was through a telephone line. While this is a reliable option that many customers still use, there are a growing number of households that, for one reason or the other, are choosing not to install a landline telephone service. While many alarm companies only offer this one type of monitoring solution, we understand the need for home alarm systems without a phone line. We believe that instead of changing your home to fit the alarm system, make your system fit your home. With today's communications technology, US Electronicshas created a variety of flexible home security system monitoring solutions. And we are proud to offer many different communication methods and affordable solutions to fit your needs. Read below for more information about our different types of service





The Lightning Fast Benefit to the Broadband Solution

How long does it take an home security system to signal a monitoring station of an alarm? With Protect America's Broadband monitoring, its within 2 seconds. When the perimeter of any protected zone is breached, using your high-speed internet connection, two seconds is all it takes for the security system to send a signal to the monitoring facility.


No Kidding, No Phone Required

Want to ditch the landline? Perfect. Many people are giving up home phones in favor of cell phones. With Broadband monitoring, your security system uses your internet connection to contact our monitoring station. This means that a home landline telephone is not required. So ditch the phone, and get the high speed connection of broadband.

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